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We present our new professional organization service and a new way of looking at order. Organizing is much more than putting things in their place and throwing away what we no longer need, it helps you overcome the difficult trials of life, bringing harmony through organization and order.

For this reason we incorporate the possibility of hiring our professional organizer in the move both for companies and individuals.

*Pre-move organization: We help you select what is really necessary for your new life, minimizing the content to be moved, saving on packaging material, transport and associated expenses, leaving everything ready for transport. As well as learning the organization techniques necessary to order your spaces once you settle in the new house and you can maintain order.

*Organization during the move: We pack your belongings in cardboard boxes categorizing and labeling the content so that the unpacking and start-up at the new address is as simple and fast as possible.

*Post-move organization: Once the move is complete, we unpack and reorganize the client’s belongings, finding the most suitable location for them and creating a perfect harmony in their new home.

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