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Removals of laboratories, hospitals and clinical samples

Within the sector of removals, there is a type of activity that requires certain professionalism and knowledge, these are those related to the move of laboratories and any type of medical context. These places have special characteristics that require special knowledge and the application of the relevant protocols. Mudanzas López has formed a professional technical and human team, capable of developing transports from hospitals, laboratories and medical centers.
The transfer of samples it is part of the actions to be carried out in the laboratory transports services, complying with the pertinent protocol respecting the important cold chain, essential for proper maintenance and transport of the same.
Good professional service laboratory moves it must establish in its course of action, a strict and meticulous work methodology, in order to offer personalized answers for each moving or relocation project in this type of context. A first task to carry out is to develop a correct and serious supervision of the place where the transfer service is going to be carried out, knowing its location and its personal distribution of spaces, helps to develop a quick and effective transfer action plan.
Another very interesting point in this type of laboratory moves is related to the knowledge of the materials to be transferred, number, capacity, type, etc… with this we guarantee optimal planning that enables us to carry out the transfer with all the safety and comfort that It is required: factors as important as the model of vehicle to be used, a meticulous inventory of the goods and materials to be transported, the choice of the type of packaging to be used that allows a perfect handling of the materials, eliminating all types of risks.

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